Class Webinars

Class hosts a series of live and on-demand webinars to guide accountants, administrators and planners in using technology to tackle the challenges a rapidly-changing SMSF industry presents.


The Future of Trust Accounting & Administration

Webinar recording

As the SMSF market matures and adapts to regulatory reform, investments trusts are fast emerging as a prime opportunity to boost client service levels and grow your firm. What are you doing to meet this demand?

In this Trust Talk training webinar, Angelique Faes, Class' SME Senior Analyst, will highlight the current and future trends for accounting, and will demonstrate how you can leverage trust accounting and administration through Class Trust as a prime opportunity to grow your firm.

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The Future of SMSF
with Aaron Dunn and Joel Smith

Webinar recording

Watch Aaron Dunn, Smarter SMSF and Joel Smith, Class in this 1 hour informative webinar recording, and discover some of the key findings of the recent Future of SMSF survey.

Close to 500 SMSF accountants participated in this survey and those results have been analysed to reveal some of the top trends and common challenges impacting the industry today - and into the future.

Prepare your practice for the Future of SMSF and watch now.

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Demo: An in-depth look at how Class Super works

On-demand webinar

Class Super is not your typical SMSF admin software. Its unique design and unmatched automation removes SMSF administration headaches and minimises compliance risk.

Find out how Class delivers unrivalled efficiency and supports practice profitability in this in-depth 40 minute demonstration.


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Moving your practice to regular processing


A move to regular SMSF processing delivers significant benefits to practices in terms of efficiency and profitability.

If you're considering adopting regular processing, this webinar is for you. Sebastien Brennan will take you through:

  • the benefits of moving to a model of more regular processing
  • tips on how to adopt regular fund processing in your practice
  • a short demonstration of key business level consoles in Class that will deliver your practice significant efficiencies


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TBAR/ ECPI Webinar


SMSF administration and reporting has changed, and SMSF professionals also need to change not only to keep up with compliance, but to retain a much needed competitive edge.

Join us for this 45 minute webinar and discover:

• Why annual SMSF processing is no longer sufficient to      remain compliant
• How periodic processing can lead to more proactive client relationships and better quality client advice
• How to ensure lodgment deadlines are met, and avoid compliance action and penalties

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Implementation Webinar


If the words 'software implementation' fill you with dread you are not alone - but the good news is it doesn't haven't to be a painful process!

Class has turned the traditional software implementation experience on its head with dedicated implementation consultants and experienced transitions team. We guide and support new customers through the process, and get them up and running fast.  

Join us for this 30 minute webinar and we'll provide you with a 'behind the scenes' look at what you can expect when you choose Class.






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Remove SMSF headaches
with Periodic Processing


It can be tempting to stick to what you know and avoid change. However, transfer balance account reporting (TBAR), and the new ECPI requirements mean the move away from annual processing is no longer just an option, but instead a necessity to effectively manage SMSF compliance. 

Processing funds periodically throughout the year is the only way to achieve an up-to-date view of an SMSFs financial position, and easily identify which funds have incurred TBAR and ECPI obligations.

Regular fund processing is also an enabler to achieve practice growth and improve client experiences.

This on-demand webinar will show you how more regular fund processing can support:

• Easy identification of TBAR obligations
• Reduction of ECPI complexity
• Acceleration of practice growth
• Improvement of client experience

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Grow your SMSF practice 3x faster


The world of SMSF accounting and administration is more competitive than ever before, so what can SMSF practices do to successfully grow their practices and their SMSF profitability?

Opportunity lies in the ability to increase the level of value and service you can provide to your clients - unlocking more revenue and more profitability for your practice! 

Class Super users grow their practices 3 x faster than other SMSF software users*. To find out more, complete our form to instantly access our latest webinar recording.  

*A typical accounting practice using Class for more than one year grows on average at 14.9%  per annum, compared to an industry growth rate of 5.3% over the 5 years to December 2017.

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Endangered Practitioner or Industry Leader?

Webinar recording

Watch Aaron Dunn, CEO of Smarter SMSF, and Glenn Poynton, Sales Director of Class, in this one hour webinar recording discuss the five stages between Endangered Practitioner or Industry Leader.

SMSF clients today expect more than just annual compliance work from their service providers. So it's not surprising then that general accounting firms are losing their clout in the SMSF sector. 

Drawing on key insights from Smarter SMSF's Future of SMSF report, find out what stage your practice is at in its SMSF service delivery.


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