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To grow your SMSF business, you need to make the most of your time. Greater efficiency enables practices to do more SMSF admin with less staff, take on new clients without increasing headcount and attract new clients by providing a higher level of service.

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“We want to scale up really quickly, and quite honestly, Class is the lynchpin to achieving that.”

Kimberlee Brown,
SMSF Director
H&R Block SMSF Solutions

Class users are serious about growth

With the Royal Commission, Productivity Commission and political changes looming, SMSF growth is the slowest it’s been in 10 years1 - but not for Class users!

The average Class Super user:

  • gets 20-50% more work done, compared to competitors
  • grew by 6.5% in FY18 compared to the industry rate of 2.5%2
  • earns 30% of practice revenue from SMSF admin

  • Achieve 30% practice revenue from SMSF

    Over the last 10 years, the average accounting practice providing SMSF services has been earning approx. 24%3 of practice revenue from SMSFs – but they aspire to earn 30%.

    Class users have achieved the aspirational 30% because our software allows them to:

  • do more with the staff that they have
  • use lower cost staff to do more of the work
  • make more margin per fund due to automation and staff cost savings
  • provide a better service and attract more customers

  • ‘Good enough’ is not good enough for growth

    SMSF is a tough business to make margins in, and in the current political and regulatory climate, it's even tougher.

    SMSF software that is 'good enough' is unlikely to increase your profitability. If you want to grow your SMSF practice, you need a great return on your SMSF software investment.

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    TBAR Console

    Measure your return on investment

    You know that Class Super is the best solution but how does it deliver better outcomes for practices? What’s the return on investment?

  • SMSF software typically equates to 10% of the input cost of your admin service. More than 90% of admin cost is staff time.
  • A 30% increase in software costs that saves you even 5% in staff cost provides a great investment return
  • As little as 2 hours a week covers the cost of Class and many Class users are reporting days, not hours, of time saved.

  • Your clients expect more

    With new entrants and FinTech moving into the super space, standards are lifting and community expectations are getting harder to meet. Your clients, be they financial advisers or investors, need more from you.

    If you are not geared up to deal with the tighter caps, limits and reporting regimes then your clients will find someone who is. You don't need to be delivering daily or monthly servicing today, but if you don't start today, will you be ready in two or three years when it is the norm?

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    Limited time offer includes:

  • Class Super and Class Portfolio for free til 1 July 2019
  • Free guided implementation with a dedicated implementation consultant
  • Free automated and manual fund transitions
  • Free technical support
  • Free online training
  • Free annual health check

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    • Offer available for new Class customers only
    • Sign up by 21 December 2018 and pay nothing for Class Super & Class Portfolio til 1 July 2019
    • Includes free automated and manual transitions for first 60 days
    • Includes free implementation, training and support
    • Includes free annual health check
    • Minimum commitment must equate to 25 SMSF funds
    • Minimum committed accounts to be loaded in specified stages
    • Minimum cost of $500 including GST per month from 1 July 2019
    • Strictly limited - closes when implementation team is at capacity

    1 As reported in ATO and APRA data 2018.

    2 Class internal data analysis, compared to ATO and APRA data

    3 Investment Trends March 2018 SMSF Accountant Report

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