Meet Pete, SMSF Accountant

an animated mini series

Pete, like many SMSF accountants, is now operating in a brand new post super reform landscape.

This animated series explores Pete's experiences as he undergoes his software transformation to Class, and successfully regains control of his practice profitability, improves staff retention and increases client satisfaction.   


Part 1 - Meet Pete

Pete is a busy accountant, who among other things, administers self-managed super funds for his clients. Since super reform, Pete had seen his SMSF administration time go up, and his SMSF profit margins go down. Watch video to find out how Pete tackled this common challenge. 



Part 2 - Implementation & Transition

Pete put off making a change to his software for a long as possible because he expected implementation and fund transition to be hard and disruptive to his business. Watch video to find out why Pete was pleasantly surprised with the transition to Class.