Navigating Technology Choices

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting and Implementing a Cloud-based SMSF Administration Solution

TBAR has arrived and with its arrival comes the need for more rigorous processing and reporting of SMSFs. If your current platform is not a fit-for-purpose, cloud based SMSF solution, you will find it increasingly difficult to meet the new ATO compliance requirements.

This comprehensive eBook will assist in the assessment and selection of the best SMSF technology to support your practice now and in the future. It explains how to: 

1.  Identify the key triggers for changing your SMSF software platform
2. Understand your firm's strategic and operational objectives
3. Identify all options and decide on selection criteria
4. Critically assess vendor capabilities and experience
5. Conduct appropriate due diligence
6. Finalise your selection process
7. Commence implementation


accounting and administration firms rely on Class


entities administered on Class


entities administered on NowInfinity

Source: Class and NowInfinity data, as of December 2020