Class SMSF Benchmark Report

The Class SMSF Benchmark Report is a statistical analysis of the 160,000+ Self Managed Super Funds administered on Class Super, representing 28% of the estimated 598,000 SMSFs in Australia as at 31 December 2018.

At Class we believe it is important for participants in the industry to have access to timely data about what SMSFs are investing in and to understand other key metrics about the funds.

The Class SMSF Benchmark Report is compiled using a selection of de-identified data extracted from across the Class Super database. Class Super’s transaction and market data feeds include daily balances from a wide rank of banks, brokers and wrap and other platform providers. The richness and timeliness of this data provides a unique, up to date view across a significant portion of the SMSF sector.


accounting and administration firms rely on Class


entities administered on Class


entities administered on NowInfinity

Source: Class and NowInfinity data, as of December 2020