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If you are a trustee or administer 10 funds or less, please get in touch with one our Partners to discuss how your SMSF (s) can be administered using Class.

Class Super – the award winning, industry leading cloud based SMSF administration software.

Class Portfolio – a powerful 'whole of wealth' solution for accounting, administration and reporting of non-SMSF investment portfolios.

What our clients are saying...

Class Super

"We compared Class Super to its competitors and it blows them away! My only regret is we did not go through the process earlier."

Adam Wright, Hood Sweeney

Transitioning to Class

"The speed of transition was very good. We’ve got a larger number of more complex funds than other firms. 

We had pretty open communication with the transition team in terms of how they were moving the funds and how we could make it as smooth as possible."

Brett Griffiths, Vincents

Easy to use

"We’ve been using Class for 18 months and would never go back. Class is efficient and easy to use."

Craig Stone, Hood Sweeney 

Efficieny and Productivity

"The efficiency gains we’ve seen with Class have been nothing short of amazing. They talk about a four times productivity improvement and we’ve actually seen that within our own business."

Kris Kitto, Intello

Data Feeds

"The data feeds are great. When you do your income it works out the dividend bit, the franking credits. Simple things like that make it way more efficient."

Ashley O’Neil, The Fox Group